Port logistics

Manutention portuaire


  • Industrial bulk (clinker, coal, scrap, fertilizer…)
  • Agri-food bulk (flours, sugar, soy, coffee, cocoa…)
  • Conventional cargo (wood, pipes…)
  • Heavy lifts and project cargo (windmills, industrial projects…)
  • Roll-on Roll-off (cars, industrial trucks, rolling materials)
Stockage portuaire


  • Bonded storage
  • Covered storage (warehouses, silos)
  • Open air parks/storage (containers, logs, sawn timber, windmills, heavy lifts)
  • Industrial and agri-food products
  • Full traceability
Agence maritime - Consignation

Shipping agency

  • Optimizing your vessel’s call
  • Administrative formalities
  • Permanent link between shipowners and port actors
  • Chartering department